Consulting for Digital Media

Westwerk loves leading edge digital services on all screens. We help and support media companies, broadcasters, service provider, publisher or start-ups to reach the next level of multi screen audio-, video- or any interactive services for their customers. User focussed and available on all screens and devices we all use every day and of course proven for tomorrow.

We bring our knowledge and experience from creating, planning and managing complex and leading edge digital multi screen media services and are the experts for drawing the big picture and creating the initial plan for any multi screen project. We guide our clients through all processes and can take over interims management tasks.

We can support you on your multi screen plan

If you are thinking about a next generation of your existing digital media service or to ramp up a new one, or if you don't know how many screens are important for a multi-screen service, we are happy to receive your mail or call.

Email to -- or call us at +49 - 221 - 2919 - 6480.

Consulting for Digital Media, Multi-Screen Strategy and Concepts, IP Video Solutions.
Helping Media Companies to reach the next level of leading edge digital services and experience on any screen.